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True Masterpieces, Each in Their Own Way

What if the Sistine Chapel ceiling, conceived by Michelangelo, were painted by Picasso?

What if The Thinker were designed by Rodin using design software and sculpted by Chinese master carpenter Lu Ban?

What if the Great Wall of China had their dimensions determined by Julius Caesar’s architects before being built by ancient Chinese?

Innovation is what makes a great work one-of-a-kind. Indeed, all masterpieces are original conceptualization and superb craftsmanship combined. The same thing can also be said of the buildings of all Wanda hotels which, from design to construction, tell stories of how physical and intellectual exertion is brought to fruition over time in the form of architectural masterpieces that transcend time.

Brush, Ruler, Knife and Mind in Hotel Designs

Put the conjecture aside for a while and bring our thinking back to reality. The ancient city with a history of thousands of years and a great fame both at home and abroad has numerous shining raw materials that can be presented in a hotel, be it hibiscus, Mount Qingcheng or ginkgo in the natural world, or Sanxingdui and Jinsha of the ancient relics, or human treasures like Sichuan Embroidery, Dujiangyan and Sichuan-style architecture. However, a piece of work that can showcase the magnificence of a grand hotel will never be just the stacking or listing of outstanding materials!

The Source of Wanda Hotel Designs

Time gives birth to life, and time also sculptures life.

Space carries life, and space also changes life.

Such life is the soul with which Wanda endows its painting works. Paint as a representative of craftsmanship and culture came into being before the establishment of the Xia dynasty. With mind as the brush and paint as the pigment and drawing upon the inheritance and innovation of additional Chinese painting, Wanda vividly depicts in The Ancient Rhyme of Chengdu the great prosperity and cultural traditions of the city of Chengdu over 1,000 years since North Song. Meanwhile, Chengdu’s pride as a paint art center in the world since the Han Dynasty is also highlighted in the work. Another painting, entitled Butterflies Linger Over Chengdu, refines the city into a giant flower, with alternate gold and silver lines and pink entwined with green. The work renders Butterflies over Flowers, a lyrics name originated in the prime Tang Dynasty, into unique paintings which correspond to "golden thread", “bead curtain roll” and “phoenix dwells on Chinese parasol tree” of the lyric namesake, giving viewers a real eye-opener to Chengdu’s grace and fashion today.

Father’s Grassland, Mother’s River

Located in northern China, Hohhot is the capital city of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The distinctive ethnic customs, long history, rich cultural heritage and profound cultural traditions give rise to its cultural landscape. Its Mongolian ethnic elements and architectural symbols inspire designers’ thinking and are used as the design highlights throughout the whole conceptual design.

A Magic Artistic Hotel

Wanda Reign Shanghai is the flagship hotel of the super five-star brand Reign of Wanda Hotels. The hotel is located in the world-famous Bund in Shanghai, close to the Huangpu River, overlooking the entire the Bund and Pudong’s Lujiazui. The hotel has a total floor space of 36,400m2 and 193 guest rooms. Its indoor design adopts classic Art Deco elements and changes into geometric forms through jade orchid and some traditional Shanghai elements. Streamlined wall columns, symmetrical simple metal screens and other Art Deco decoration techniques present the Shanghai style of the 1920s and 1930s. The color is primarily grey, with sparkling red, elegant blue, metallic golden and bronze colors and Art Deco style hue as jumping colors.

Splendid Chengdu

Wanda Reign Chengdu is located in Chengdu's top-class central business district. Its interior design adopts an all-new design thinking—indoor architecture. It draws upon Chengdu’s unique ART DECO decorative art form and integrates the cultural elements with Chengdu’s regional characteristics to form the artistic form of new Chinese ART DECO and present it in an architectural expression. With an atmosphere of the light effect, it creates a sense of luxury and space in the whole space, and presents the unique charm of Chengdu.

Wanda Jin Hotspring Danzhai

Wanda Hotels & Resorts takes it as its mission and responsibility to bring Chinese brands as well as Chinese culture to the world, a proud journey on which it has been making strides. For ten years, its hotel and resort properties have mushroomed in the hundreds, adding to the legendary ascension of the Wanda brand. On July 2, 2017, Wanda opened the first hotel of its Jin hotel brand, Wanda Jin Hotspring Danzhai in Guizhou, narrating to the world the fascinating story of a many-splendored place worth knowing by the world.