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With three core business segments, Wanda Hotels & Resorts has built a strong foothold in China, and expanded its footprints to Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. As the world's hotel company that delivers one-stop solution covering brand building, design, construction and management, Wanda Hotels & Resorts can provide hotel planning and management throughout the whole value chain based on its owner experience and the demand of partners.

Wanda Hotel Design
Featuring full-range professional design capabilities to produce the most perfect effect with minimal cost

The Wanda Hotel Design & Research Institute draws upon the profound industry experience of the proprietor, a high-level internationalized design team and a full-range design philosophy unveiled in 2012, and incorporates hotel design into the most comprehensive and systematic design solutions. Integrating three major business sections together, the Institute now has operational data support and can transform such data into design language to maximize functions for its partners and offer them closed-loop, tailored and sustainable returns.

Wanda Hotel Construction
Real time information control platform, optimal cost management and precision execution power

Wanda Hotel Investment & Development Co., Ltd. boasts an experience of successful construction of more than 100 hotels with an investment of over RMB70 billion, as well as an experience of fruitful cooperation with top-class hotel brands in the world. It has established a mature and sound cost control system and a Big Data platform. Its powerful centralized procurement platform integrating various resources, strict project control standards and risk pre-control and management system revolutionize the inherent construction cost models of high star-class hotels and can provide partners with a solid guarantee for high-quality and high-efficiency hotel development and construction.

Wanda Hotel Management
Multi-dimensional brand output, responsive management models, and operations from a proprietor’s perspective

With rich experience and cases of successful international hotel management, hotel operation cost control advantages and tremendous Big Data support, we know the Chinese market better than our peers. The unique business linkage strength of Wanda Group enables us to provide our partners with the most reassured and worry-free operation management services as an entrusted party who knows them best and who offers the best hotel management ideas.

Project Cooperation Privileges

The first to enjoy the privileges of proprietors—The 4 major brands of Wanda Hotels and Resorts provide proprietors with choice services. The best of Wanda is at your service, as always.

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